• MyTaxiManager
    Online Taxi and Limo Management

    Instant rostering - allocate drivers and swap cars, vehicle maintenance scheduling, accurate driver accounting, driver web portal, job invoicing, digital uploads, SMS messaging, customisable for all shift types.

  • MyTaxiManager
    Online Taxi and Limo Management

    Manage your cars from any internet device - rosters, drivers, driver web portal, job invoicing, vehicle maintenance scheduling, digital uploads, SMS messaging, customisable shift types, groups and rosters.

  • MyTaxiManager
    Online Taxi and Limo Management

    Mobile rostering, accurate driver accounting, driver web portal, job invoicing, maintenance scheduling, digital uploads, SMS messaging, customisable.

LIVE RELEASE - 1st August, 2016

  • In 30 years of owning fleets of different sizes and using various programs, this is the best depot management tool I have come across. If you manage taxis or hire cars, you MUST look at MyTaxiManager - it will make your life easier.
    Bob Jones, Port Stephens Taxis & Hire Cars, NSW, Australia
  • Being able to access my roster wherever I am - as well as being able to see all my depot data - is exactly what is needed to combat the challenges we’re facing in these online times.
    Shane Gist, Supreme Taxi Company, Townsville, QLD, Australia
  • If I have to change a driver or I’ve forgotten to put a driver on the roster, it’s great knowing that I can do so from the comfort of my couch instead of having to drag myself to the depot.
    Nancy Miller, Warwick Cabs, QLD, Australia
  • As a depot with multiple owners that manage their own cars, we send out invoices as a depot. Getting job invoicing details to the bookkeeper each month is a nightmare. Being online will allow her to log into each owner and download the invoicing details. This will definitely improve our cash flow and make things much easier.
    Bernie Heckel, Ballina Taxis & Hire Cars, Ballina, NSW, Australia

Anywhere Anytime Access

  • Access all of your data wherever you are, from any internet device.
  • Multiple depots allows for an owner to control depots at different geographical locations.
  • Driver Web Portal allows drivers to access their shifts and enter pay-ins on any internet device.
  • Real-time access allows you to have your finger on the pulse at all times.


  • View your rosters on any internet device.
  • Easily allocate and remove drivers.
  • Merge and split shifts.
  • Set holiday and unavailability time-blocks for drivers.
  • Automatic or manual driver allocation.
  • Customisable shift lengths from 2 hours to 168 hours.
  • Multiple roster templates to suit both commission and lease.
  • Commissions, levies and fees.





  • Pay-ins can be on a commission basis, or set-pay (lease fee).
  • Each pay-in allows you to enter dockets/vouchers, POS entries, shift expenses, quoted jobs and fuel entries.
  • Multiple docket types can be created with three different entry forms.
  • Dockets types can be allocated to a contact account for invoicing.
  • Debt arrangements and fees such as insurance or levies are automatically added to the expected cash.

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    • Drivers finance balances are always up to date.
    • Upload driver photos for easy identification as well as contracts.
    • Driver payments can be uploaded to your bank at the click of a button.
    • Instantly see how much you owe drivers - or how much you are owed.
    • Debt arrangements can be set up as periodical, one-off, or paid per shift.
    • Send SMS messages instantly to drivers.

    • MyTaxiManager lets you be nimble, agile and responsive in these challenging times
    • See the current status of your roster, drivers and vehicles at the depot, at home or anywhere in the world!
    • Real-time driver accounting shows you exactly how much you owe your drivers - or how much you are owed. Driver debt repayments simplify the process of recovering driver debts.
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    Driver Web Portal

    • Offer drivers maximum flexibility in being able to enter their pay-in data at their home after a shift, at the depot or on the road while waiting for fares.
    • Enter pay-ins on any smartphone, tablet or desktop.
    • Dockets, EFTPOS and expenses can be entered during the shift.
    • Update personal details.
    • Drivers can view upcoming shifts - no more time-wasting “When am I driving” calls!
    • Report faults and accidents - upload accident photos.

    3-minute video


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    • Maintenance of your vehicles is always accurate with repeat intervals based on odometer readings, date or whichever comes first.
    • Record vehicle expenses and track profitability of your vehicles.
    • Scheduled maintenance displays on the roster to assist roster management.
    • Schedules can be automatic or manual.
    • Create regulatory inspection types with repeat intervals.
    • Notifications appear on the front screen to alert you to insurance, registration, inspections and other renewals.

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    • Enter accident details.
    • Track claims and claim status.
    • Upload digital images to the vehicle record.
    • Record multiple witness details.
    • Record incidents as well as accidents.

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    • Security and privacy of your data are first and foremost in our design of MyTaxiManager. All data sent between you and our server uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This is the same level of security used by banks - the padlock icon in the browser shows this.
    • We use secure servers for our data storage located in all continents so that you can access your depot data as fast as possible.
    • No credit card details are stored on our servers - our payment gateway stores your card details on their secure servers. Interaction is between you and the payment gateway directly - we have no access to your credit card details.
    • We will never sell or divulge your personal details - ever! Click Legals to see the fine print.

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    Tags are a unique feature of MyTaxiManager that allow you to categorise your vehicles however you want.

    • Fuel Type: Petrol, Diesel

    • Car Type: Sedan, MPV, Maxi

    • Location: City, Suburban, Rural

    • Owner: Owner 1, Owner 2

    You can create as many as you like, to get meaningful reporting that suits your operation.

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