We've got every aspect of TaxiCab Management covered!

Proven as an easy-to-use desktop application in over 60 depots over the last 10 years to control every aspect of managing the efficient operation of any size depot - we're about to release the first online version known as MyTaxiManager!

You'll be able to choose if you want to keep your data on your in-house network, or to have it accessible online from any internet-enabled device.

Whichever you choose, the unique features of our software save time and money, improve efficiency and cut staff workload.

The multi-depot function allows you to control multiple sub-depots from one location - each sub-depot only sees their own data - you get to see everything!

Complete flexibility in setting up whatever shift combinations you might require. Auto-allocation of drivers to roster slots via your customised criteria.

Online options offer further integration:

Web bookings: clients can book and pre-pay from your website - booking inserts into TaxiCab Manager and once allocated to driver and car, onto the iPad.
iPad Driver Assistant: displays booking detail; pickup/drop-off notifications; GPS, messaging; status notifications
Driver Pay-in Entry: drivers enter booked shifts on completion of shift - from any internet device
Driver Roster: view driver's rostered shifts; bid for blank shifts
GPS integration: current location; tracking car journey
Accounting: some integration is available with more being implemented
Meter uploads: integration with various meter models is being assessed

Our software allows you to access your data on Windows and Mac operating systems as well as Android and iOS - quickly, easily and efficiently. Not all of the features are available in both the desktop and online versions.

MyTaxiManager is in the final stages of development and testing and we anticipate a release date of 1st August, 2015.

If you would like to participate in the beta testing program which is currently underway, please go the Contacts page to send an email.
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TaxiCab Manager will make your life easier if.....

• you operate taxis or limos

• you operate commission or leased-shift drivers

• your commissions are variable or fixed

• you want to easily roster and change your drivers

• you operate your own workshop or outsource

• you take bookings for your limos

• you have corporate clients and need to easily create invoices for driver trips

• you want ALL of your fleet data to be easily and quickly accessible

• you want to easily identify key performance indicators

• you want to optimise the performance of your fleet

TaxiCab Manager Main Features
Driver Entry System

Our easy-to-use driver entry system can be used by drivers from all age groups - even those with no prior computer experience. Large on-screen buttons and text-entry areas make data entry simple. If a driver can operate a taxi meter, they can use TaxiCab Manager. A simple point and click interface allows drivers to record faults with their vehicle at the end of their shift - this fault report is then accessed by the workshop as a list, as well as being visible when a job-card is raised for that vehicle.

Drivers can be set as commission, or as set-payin (lease). Commissions can be fixed, or variable according to total take, day of the week, vehicle type and shift type. Commissions can also vary according to cut-off amounts - below a certain take, the % commission is one amount, above the cut-off, the commission is a different amount. You can also pay drivers according to a set rate per kilometer (mile).

Drivers can also log on via the web, to see if they have active rostered shifts.
Driver roster web demo)
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Easily identify key performance indicators to optimise the profitability of your fleet. Driver performance statistics and comprehensive vehicle statistics allow you to quickly identify problem areas.
Report by any date period, by driver, car, group, shift, day of the week, account, batch, batch range and voucher.

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Easily allocate drivers to unoccupied shifts, swap drivers from one car to another, put drivers on standby, make drivers unavailable. In the driver profile, set regular vehicles and shifts - when the roster is created, regular drivers are automatically slotted into these shifts. Roster your drivers for any number of leased shifts. Instantly see which rostered shifts have not been paid in.
Colour-code groups of cars for easy identification. View as 1, 3, 5 or 7-day spread.

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The Monthly Occupancy Overview allows you to instantly identify unoccupied shifts with colour hi-lites.
Occupancy reports provide comparative statistics.

A fully integrated bookings diary allows you to book vehicles in for service - both your fleet vehicles as well as private jobs.

View daily, weekly and monthly bookings.

A mechanics schedule allows you to allocate jobs to your mechanics so you can optimise your labour resource efficiently.

View the history of jobs for your vehicles - what job was done and what repairs were carried out.

An easy-to-use interface means that anyone can efficiently use the bookings module with a minimum of training.
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A simplified point-and-click interface allows mechanics to easily and quickly open jobs, as well as sign-on and sign-off jobs. This allows accurate control of mechanic's labour hours. Comprehensive reporting allows precise control of labour hours and costs.

A job card with a barcode is printed when the job is opened - when the mechanic needs parts for the job, he scans the job barcode, then scans the part barcode - and that's it. No more deciphering mechanics scribbles - no more tedious writing of long part numbers - instant stock control - accurate invoices!

TaxiCab Manager offers many options - if you do not wish to use the barcoding system, you are also able to easily and quickly add parts to invoices using a simplified user interface.

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All the modules use the same interface. Similar functions are grouped together. Intuitive graphic icons, clear labelling and tooltips means that training time is drastically reduced. Using TaxiCab Manager is a consistent, intuitive and efficient experience.
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